KOOL KEITH SHOW/"Unplanned Vacatons" mixtape

Yo!  Been a stupid long time since I’ve updated my blog.  Shame on me.

I’m opening for Kool Keith on November 22nd in Providence! Wild.  Buy tickets here, if you’d be so kind. :)


So I recorded a bunch of new rap stuff, stole a bunch of awesome songs from some of my friends I’ve toured with this past few years and had DJ Merf slap them all together. It’s called “MessiahCarey and DJ Merf present: Unplanned Vacations”. Some of my favorite tracks have been stolen from Jesse Dangerously, Tribe One, Solo Sexx, Lost Profit$, Spider Cider, a posse cut from one of Mikal kHill’s albums.

It’s also going to have a remix of “My Beard”, a recorded version of “Gr8 B4llz of Fyre” and “Fisticuffs and Wristcuts” as well as a hastily done (read: awesome and raw) version of “All Teh Songs”

I’ll have them for sale at the Kool Keith show and I’ll be putting it up on SoundCloud in the next few days or so maybe. BOOM.

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