Who's this guy?

A Discordian rap star who balances the world on his hatred of the mundane. He's also a songwriter/rapper/producer/performer/poet type of person who does things, and hopes that you like them or that you dislike them in such a way that it will bring you pleasure.




He was lost in a warzoneshe was a warrior at heartshe was... 

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He was lost in a warzone
she was a warrior at heart
she was fighting for freedom
while he stood there falling apart

he said, “I know that you don’t trust me
and I wouldn’t trust you if you did,
so now I’m fleeing the country,
stake my claim to the highest bid
it’s goin dooooooooooooooooooown…like that.”

She ripped all of his clothes off
in the shit, with mortars abound
pushed him into the foxhole
and showed him how it really goes down.

Their screams got lost in the blast of shells
and their bodies lost their weight
they awoke at last, the enemy
Wanted by the state

“What have we got our selves into?
I don’t think it is true
That love is all and everything
Unless I make it with you
It’s gone dooooooooooooooown…like that.”

It’s goin down like that
It goes down like that
It went down like that.

Then she said
“Trust is such a loaded weapon,
it falls apart - no exceptions
but if our conception was never mentioned
we’d know that we had the best intentions
I’m ready to be the first in line, leave it to me or it’ll curse your mind,
if you had the nerve to climb it’d curve your spine
I serve the kind that’s got the perfect mind but when I can’t find them then you’re just fine
know you’d better be ready see the enemies obscenities could never be remedied, don’t get ahead of me just let it be….

…And clean up the mess.

She left the place a crimson hue
Of the friends she once had
He spent the days a simple dude
And feeling sort of bad…

But very much in love.

My comments on the Grammies/nominees in the Worcester Telegram and Gazette today 

My comments on the Grammies/nominees in the Worcester Telegram and Gazette today:

“The Grammies are a different planet for me,” says singer-songwriterShane Hall, “but I can speak on the artists that have been nominated and what I think of their art. I truly do not care who wins or believe that there is any substantive notion to whether or not the award is tangibly relevant in the artistic sense. Like a college degree or a professional certification, though, you get more work if you’ve got the document saying you’re good. Heh. I don’t hate the Grammies. I really don’t care because it’s simply not relevant to my life.”

But all that being said, Hall’s not shy to share his opinions on particular artists, noting that “Jay-ZandAlicia Keysare insanely talented,” even if he hasn’t yet heard “Empire State of Mind,” and that “Lady Gagais what happens when the early ’90s has a love child with the more obscure British disco-pop of the ’80s, using a synthesizer as … inspiration. I obviously approve.”

But a couple of artists stand out for Hall:Cee Lo GreenandEminem.

“Cee Lo has been dope … since the Goodie Mob. Straight up … That he and Danger Mouse dropped that album was amazing, but both of them saw their best work before now … until (Green’s recent album) “The Lady Killer.” The dude kills it. … What the hell kind of a quantum leap has Cee Lo gone through to bring present-day wordsmithing into ’70’s Motown functionality? Not of this planet. The guy is out of his mind talented.”

As to the often criticized Eminem, Hall says he’s “the dude. I don’t care. He has put out some trash, no doubt, but there isn’t a bad thing that can be said about his rap mechanics. Right now, he’s doing what he thinks is right. Doesn’t include good music, unfortunately, but hey — what are we gonna do?”

Shane Hall: Yeah whatever wolfman.  

Shane Hall: Yeah whatever wolfman.
Teen WOlf: no seriously. do u know?

SH: Nope.
TW:lol god damnit
shouldnt be more than 10?

SH: Can't imagine.
TW: yuh
u goin?

SH: Fuck yeah, I'm going
TW: word man. see ya down there

SH: UP It's in Somerville Who you goin' with?
TW: hahah
this girl ____ and her friend

SH: ooooooooooooooooooooh
TW: lol

TW: hahaha

SH: DOes she know yet?
TW: kjnow what?



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Greg: You're a bad person.  

Greg: You're a bad person.
Shane: Because I accept people for who they are?
Greg: NO. I don't care what anyway says, furries are NOT people.
Shane: Well, on that you and them agree.


[Flash 10 is required to watch video.]


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