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A Discordian rap star who balances the world on his hatred of the mundane. He's also a songwriter/rapper/producer/performer/poet type of person who does things, and hopes that you like them or that you dislike them in such a way that it will bring you pleasure.




An Open Letter to Open Letter writers 

Open Letter writers,

You think you’re coy, don’t you? What is it about taking on easy targets that are extremely unlikely to respond or even care about what you’re saying that appeals to you?

I can understand that you are upset - and I realize that you are entitled to construct any piece of literature that you desire, but there’s nothing that can do any good. Mubarack is not going to step down. The Oscar is not going to your favourite celebrity. The religious right and the communist left are NOT going to bow to your desires.

You do nothing, and for that, I implore you to STOP. Open Letter Writers, this is a plea for you to discontinue your fruitless endeavours. To destroy your online manifestos. To despise yourself the right way.

Good day,
Shane Hall

ihateoldgreg: She wants you to come  

ihateoldgreg: She wants you to come
ShaneHall42: Now you're just playing with me, Greg. Ha
ihateoldgreg: no like
ihateoldgreg: im talking to her
ihateoldgreg: and shes all like
ihateoldgreg: have you called shane hall
ihateoldgreg: hes so dreamy
ShaneHall42: I hate you.
ihateoldgreg: and his reverse axle rose dance
ShaneHall42: In that way that is pure love - I hate you.

An Agnostic Prayer 

If the simplest form
can’t be melted or torn,
will it ever be more than what we know?

If the next winter storm
I can’t keep warm
I will cast my faith into the snow.

And if we take up the cause
will all still be lost?
Or will we finally know some peace?

And if peace really comes,
Won’t we go numb
to what it is we have right here?

Got the Blues? 

Dark was the night, cold was the ground that led me to you. Both of us huddled in a single sleeping bag, knowing this train was supposed to be here almost an hour ago. She fell asleep in it and wouldn’t wake up when it came, but I had to get out of town. Just had to…there was a hellhound on my tail, fixin’ to put me in a cage.

At a crossroad, I reluctantly but resolutely stumbled across the yard and made my ascent and watched her fade into the distant cold as I took cover from the wind. This was it…my last trip across the open country to wherever I’d call my home next, but then I was done. No more smokestack lightnin’, and no more moonshine breakfast to stay warm. And no more lady, sick from the ball and chain of the opium she’d fallen in love with.

See, rollin & tumblin across the open plane across the northern Midwest some weeks before, I had come to realize that baby was born under a bad sign…for sure…devil got my woman, and he was feedin’ her the bad shit.

So I took my chance. And you would’ve, too. When I got into town, I realized that nobody knows you when you’re down and out. Hard times, from door to door, I stepped across town wondering how many more years I’d feel that this life was a cryin’ shame. And cry I did.

I had trouble in mind, but as the song goes - I wouldn’t have trouble always. About a month or so later a kind gentleman from a side of town I’d rarely have seen stepped over to me one day as I was playin’ my guitar on the side of a five and dime. He asked me if I’d ever held a steady job as an entertainer. I looked up and said, “Not yet, kind sir…Let the good times roll”.

A week later, I was off the drink and in the backroom of this gentleman’s laundry house, where he had a blind pig that cats would swarm to like bumble bees. For five long years I played in that speakeasy, and never for a second thought twice about regretting my newfound sobriety.

Then, one day, a very stunning woman stepped in and I was so taken aback I had nothing to do but stop playing.

She had something familiar about her…those green eyes and long black hair, without the gnarls one is gifted from having a cold, hard ground as your home.

Could it be?

It was!

And so it came to be, I was reconnected with my lady from the train yard back east. I was afraid she would ask me why I left her that day, but after many years I finally had to bring it up myself.

“I had to stop breakin’ down…you were the last person that gave two about me, and when you left I’d realized I had to turn it around. Was the lord that brought me here, and I’d be a fool to deny that.”

And the rest of the story, I can’t tell ya, in case there’s children around. But you bet your very everything that I never let that woman leave my side again. Never got caught up in anything, either.

And I’m so glad I left her.

I’d leave her again, too, if I had to…because I love her so deeply.

Now…we just had our seventh son. Happy as a lark and healthy as can be!

Reflections on the past year. 

2010 has been a crazy ride for me. I’m going to try my best to summarize it in slightly more (but hopefully not excruciatingly boring) detail in a later post, but first some bullet points of all the things that went down this year

  • Words and Music Tour
  • Dirty Gerund Valentine’s Day Massacre
  • Gonzo’s Turd Thursday Songwriter’s Challenges
  • Joey Faust Safecracker
  • MANY shout-outs in Womag, The Pulse and the T&G
  • Lots and lots of Brooklyn
  • Falling in love about 30 times
  • Played bass behind Iyeoka for anindescribablytranscendental Dirty Gerund evening
  • Performed at B.Dolan’s record release show with the What Cheer! Brigade playing the instrumental for “Border Crossing” - you can’t see me real good, because I’m beind A FUCKING MARCHING BAND - but know I’m there. ;) If you know my voice, you hear me on the backups.
  • Countless Q open mics, where I met many of the new friends I have.
  • Many, MANY hours logged with Greg McKillop, usually trying to find a place to sleep.
  • As my birthday present to myself, I posted 31 (one for each year) pieces of what I consider to be relative truths. I was clearly in a decent place when I wrote these, and people reacted well to them it seems.
  • Many friends released excellent albums, Greg McKillop, Dave Magario, Ellis Ashbrook, Cowboy, and many more…giving me excellent music to listen to on my many hours spent in vehicles.
  • The April Fool’s Tour
  • Opened up for Sage Francis and Free Moral Agents on the Li(f)e tour secret kickoff show at Jerky’s
  • The Encyclopedia Show: Providence, which could count for one of the 30 times I fell in love. Haha
  • The TickleBomb Trio gigs playing Cash, Hank Sr. and Cohen songs each Thursday night with Bob Belanger & Jeremy Carnrike sharing drumming duties and Brian Sampson on the upright bass. There are not words for how much I miss this gig. :( BUT…this list is of positives, so I’m gonna just :) because it happened.
  • Rectangle Club reuinion show at Ralph’s! This was such a great night.
  • The creation, and development of the Reverend Paul Edwards. If you know…you know…if not, I can’t explain.
  • The short-lived (because of my carpal tunnel) Songs4Dinner program
  • The Lovely Chaos tour with Sound in Stone- which is HEAVILY documented on this blog (it’s why I started the blog, really)
  • The release of “Structural Disintegration 1.0
  • Getting to do a live record, “Shane Hall & The TickleBomb Orchestra live @ The Raven featuring John Barber” with my favourite guitarist John Barber ONLY because my 2nd favourite, who happens to be in my band, couldn’t make it. :)
  • Sage Francis was in a Public Enemy video. This is a personal victory for me because of reasons I can’t adequately explain.
  • The “It’s Not a Tour! Tour” phases 1 and 2 with Greg and Sound in Stone
  • The only un-named tour we did through all-age venues in New England that I casually dubbed the “Amber Alert Tour”. :-P

Woah. What a year.

My full comments on the Grammies 

A while back I posted up my part in an article that Victor Infante did in the T&G about the Grammies. I wanted to post the entire text of my comments to Victor, because I think there’s some funny/fun/awesome stuff in there. Narcissistic? This is the fucking internet. :-D Here they are…

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